Optimizing Search Engine Coverage of a WordPress Blog

To optimize the search engine coverage a robots.txt file placed in the root of the HTML server can exclude some paths of the website from being indexed by the Google crawler.

In WordPress this file can be generated automatically. In the case of using Nginx a redirection rule has to be implemented in the nginx config file so that the query to robots.txt is redirected to the WordPress index.php file.

# generate robots.txt with wordpress
location = /robots.txt {
    try_files     $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
    access_log    off;
    log_not_found off;

Now WordPress is used to generate the robots.txt file which is dynamically edited by plugins and themes.

Raspberry Pi on the Go

Sometimes you are on the go and would like to play around with your Raspberry Pi. I am using a quite easy setup with my MacBook Air.


To power the RPi I am using a standard USB-A to micro USB cable connected to one of the USB ports on the notebook. It is strong enough to power the RPi.

Console Access

One possibility would be to get a standard USB to serial interface, operating at 3.3 V and hook it up to the UARTs of the RPi to get a serial console. This is one perfect solution as long as you do not want to use the RPi’s UART for something else. Then you need to reconfigure two other pins, etc.

I am using a different approach: I a using a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter and connect the RPi to the mac with a short networking cable. As the network is configured to use DHCP I need to start a DHCP server on the mac. The easiest way is to use internet sharing in macOS. Just enable it in preferences and take a look at the ifconfig in the terminal to get the router’s IPv4 address. Usually the RPi has the same network but the last octet is 2. Meaning when the mac has the IP adress the RPi would have Then just use plain SSH to connect to the RPi.

Converting videos from iPhone for PowerPoint 2010

I had the problem of how to properly embed a video into PowerPoint 2010 running on Windows 7. I used the insert video command but a normal h264 video from my iPhone with a .mov extension did not work. So the video had to be converted into a different format.

If you ever wanted to convert video, there is an almost omnipotent tool ffmpeg, which can do the job. And also in this case the solution was to convert the file into some ancient wma codec using the following ffmpeg command:

ffmpeg -i InFile.mov  -q:v 9 -c:v wmv2 -c:a wmav2 -async 1 -b:a 256k OutFile.avi

The .avi file generated this way can be inserted easily into PowerPoint 2010 and will be embedded into the presentation. On the slide the video can be configured to play automatically when the slide appears or after being clicked.

Monitoring a Fritz!Box using RRDtool

RRDtool is a popular and versatile program to store and aggregate time-dependent data in way that the size needed for storage is not growing indefinitely. Furthermore it has a powerful plotting engine to generate nice graphs. It is therefore widely used to monitor network devices.

The popular Fritz!Box router can be queried using the TR-064 protocol for the number of transferred bytes. The Fritz Speed package brings these two together to enable monitoring and graphing the WAN traffic of the Fritz!Box.

Check the project on GitHub or directly go to the docs.

CarPlay nachgerüstet – Ein Erfahrungsbericht

Meine Voraussetzungen

Ich fahre einen Mercedes CLK Baujahr 2003 und dieser hat ein einfaches Navi verbaut, welches so direkt keine Möglichkeiten zum Anschließen eines Telefons über Bluetooth oder zumindest Aux hat. So war die Idee, man müsste mal das Radio tauschen und glücklicherweise ist in der Mittelkonsole ein Doppel-DIN Schacht verbaut, den man doch mit entsprechenden Adaptern nutzen können sollte.

Gesagt, getan, deshalb nun eine Recherche im Internet, um rauszufinden wie man das Radio einbaut und natürlich welches Radio es sein soll. Da das Auto nicht mehr soo frisch ist, war klar dass das Budget nun begrenzt ist und ich ein möglichst günstiges Modell mit Apple CarPlay Unterstützung haben wollte.

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New Beefy Storage Home Server – Part 1

The Aim

After using my computing equipment for some time my desk got filled with 3 external hard drives containing backups and archived data such as videos, photos. Even worse these drives spin down after a while resulting in a 6 second lag when opening a file open or save panel. Furthermore the use of a HFS+ filesystem for long-time storage seemed not very attractive to me as it can get corrupted silently.

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