Monthly Archives: April 2011

Backing up a Server to Amazon S3

Motivation When deploying a server on the internet you always have to deal with security issues. You harden your server by setting up encrypted connections, configuring a tight firewall and putting critical services in a chroot jail. However what happens if an intruder hacks into your server and deletes your content? Or if you make […]

DTerm – A Terminal at Your Fingertips for Mac OS X

Sometimes it would be great if one could just enter a command in the terminal which is related to the directory of the file you are working on: send it to a server via scp, build a tar.gz archive, compile it or open another file. These are all operations which have also a graphical “nice” […]

Update wordpress using subversion

WordPress is one of the well know solutions for running your own blog and is maintained very actively. To keep the pace with the updates wordpress has an integrated updating mechanism which allows updating your installation directly from the administration backend. In my case I did not like this because I used subversion to install […]

New Highlighting Support in PasteBinIt

There is a new beta of PasteBinIt available with a nice feature: highlighting support. This means that you can click in the line number gutter of the code view to set a marker that will show up in the pastebin as a yellow marked line In addition some UI tweaks have been made such as […]