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Raspberry Pi on the Go

Sometimes you are on the go and would like to play around with your Raspberry Pi. I am using a quite easy setup with my MacBook Air. Power To power the RPi I am using a standard USB-A to micro USB cable connected to one of the USB ports on the notebook. It is strong […]

Fixing a RaspberryPi raspian SD Card

Recently I ran into an issue with my Raspberry Pi. It was not accessible over the network and the HDMI output showed no signal, too. The power LED on the RPi was lit, however the green LED showing SD card activity was not blinking when power was attached. On my RPi I was running the […]

New Beefy Storage Home Server – Part 1

The Aim After using my computing equipment for some time my desk got filled with 3 external hard drives containing backups and archived data such as videos, photos. Even worse these drives spin down after a while resulting in a 6 second lag when opening a file open or save panel. Furthermore the use of […]