Converting videos from iPhone for PowerPoint 2010

I had the prob­lem of how to prop­er­ly embed a video into Pow­er­Point 2010 run­ning on Win­dows 7. I used the insert video com­mand but a nor­mal h264 video from my iPhone with a .mov exten­sion did not work. So the video had to be con­vert­ed into a dif­fer­ent format.

If you ever want­ed to con­vert video, there is an almost omnipo­tent tool ffm­peg, which can do the job. And also in this case the solu­tion was to con­vert the file into some ancient wma codec using the fol­low­ing ffm­peg command:

ffmpeg -i  -q:v 9 -c:v wmv2 -c:a wmav2 -async 1 -b:a 256k OutFile.avi

The .avi file gen­er­at­ed this way can be insert­ed eas­i­ly into Pow­er­Point 2010 and will be embed­ded into the pre­sen­ta­tion. On the slide the video can be con­fig­ured to play auto­mat­i­cal­ly when the slide appears or after being clicked.

CarPlay nachgerüstet — Ein Erfahrungsbericht

Meine Voraussetzungen

Ich fahre einen Mer­cedes CLK Bau­jahr 2003 und dieser hat ein ein­fach­es Navi ver­baut, welch­es so direkt keine Möglichkeit­en zum Anschließen eines Tele­fons über Blue­tooth oder zumin­d­est Aux hat. So war die Idee, man müsste mal das Radio tauschen und glück­licher­weise ist in der Mit­telkon­sole ein Dop­pel-DIN Schacht ver­baut, den man doch mit entsprechen­den Adaptern nutzen kön­nen sollte.

Gesagt, getan, deshalb nun eine Recherche im Inter­net, um rauszufind­en wie man das Radio ein­baut und natür­lich welch­es Radio es sein soll. Da das Auto nicht mehr soo frisch ist, war klar dass das Bud­get nun begren­zt ist und ich ein möglichst gün­stiges Mod­ell mit Apple CarPlay Unter­stützung haben wollte.

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Deploying a Wireless Network in Your House

The rise of mobile elec­tron­ic devices, which need inter­net access has changed the demand we have on our home net­works. The days are over where one had a sin­gle com­put­er con­nect­ed with a wire to the broad-band inter­net modem. WLANs became very pop­u­lar because net­work client became more mobile. It start­ed with the note­books with which you could browse the net on your couch com­plete­ly wire­less­ly and it became even more pop­u­lar with the rise of the iPhones and iPads which should use the home inter­net access when used around the house. The ques­tion to solve is:

How can one achieve a good WLAN cov­er­age so that one can use his inter­net-depend­ing devices any­where at home?

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Getting started

Hav­ing my serv­er up and run­ning, Word­Press installed in a way I like it, I am get­ting start­ed with my new web page.

Until now noth­ing inter­est­ing can be found here, how­ev­er after find­ing and adapt­ing the right theme for me I will be blog­ging about tech­ni­cal stuff and my pro­gram­ming projects here.

Hope you will enjoy it.