Converting videos from iPhone for PowerPoint 2010

I had the problem of how to properly embed a video into PowerPoint 2010 running on Windows 7. I used the insert video command but a normal h264 video from my iPhone with a .mov extension did not work. So the video had to be converted into a different format.

If you ever wanted to convert video, there is an almost omnipotent tool ffmpeg, which can do the job. And also in this case the solution was to convert the file into some ancient wma codec using the following ffmpeg command:

ffmpeg -i  -q:v 9 -c:v wmv2 -c:a wmav2 -async 1 -b:a 256k OutFile.avi

The .avi file generated this way can be inserted easily into PowerPoint 2010 and will be embedded into the presentation. On the slide the video can be configured to play automatically when the slide appears or after being clicked.

CarPlay nachgerüstet – Ein Erfahrungsbericht

Meine Voraussetzungen

Ich fahre einen Mercedes CLK Baujahr 2003 und dieser hat ein einfaches Navi verbaut, welches so direkt keine Möglichkeiten zum Anschließen eines Telefons über Bluetooth oder zumindest Aux hat. So war die Idee, man müsste mal das Radio tauschen und glücklicherweise ist in der Mittelkonsole ein Doppel-DIN Schacht verbaut, den man doch mit entsprechenden Adaptern nutzen können sollte.

Gesagt, getan, deshalb nun eine Recherche im Internet, um rauszufinden wie man das Radio einbaut und natürlich welches Radio es sein soll. Da das Auto nicht mehr soo frisch ist, war klar dass das Budget nun begrenzt ist und ich ein möglichst günstiges Modell mit Apple CarPlay Unterstützung haben wollte.

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Deploying a Wireless Network in Your House

The rise of mobile electronic devices, which need internet access has changed the demand we have on our home networks. The days are over where one had a single computer connected with a wire to the broad-band internet modem. WLANs became very popular because network client became more mobile. It started with the notebooks with which you could browse the net on your couch completely wirelessly and it became even more popular with the rise of the iPhones and iPads which should use the home internet access when used around the house. The question to solve is:

How can one achieve a good WLAN coverage so that one can use his internet-depending devices anywhere at home?

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Getting started

Having my server up and running, WordPress installed in a way I like it, I am getting started with my new web page.

Until now nothing interesting can be found here, however after finding and adapting the right theme for me I will be blogging about technical stuff and my programming projects here.

Hope you will enjoy it.