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Writing a Parser Is Boring?

When interacting with different services or program there often comes the point where some sort of file has to be parsed into a data structure, which can be processed later. For standard file formats like XML or JSON parsers are available for almost any language out there. (BTW I love the graphical representation of the […]

Solarized – A Balanced Color Scheme for Text Editors

Colors schemes for text editors is just like the favorite editor itself a controversially discussed and often very personal matter. Speaking about colors often the personal taste is the main reason for a custom color scheme or why a special scheme was chosen. However the relation between different colors has been studied by artists for […]

New Highlighting Support in PasteBinIt

There is a new beta of PasteBinIt available with a nice feature: highlighting support. This means that you can click in the line number gutter of the code view to set a marker that will show up in the pastebin as a yellow marked line In addition some UI tweaks have been made such as […]

Erste Schritte mit Xcode 4

Ein grosser Schritt vorwärts Am 09.03.2011 veröffentlichte Apple nach einer neunmonatigen Beta Phase Xcode in der neusten Version 4.0. Xcode beinhaltet eine integrated development environment, welches auf der Frontendseite die Projektverwaltungs- und Editierumgebung besteht und für die eigentliche Kompilation eine GCC Toolchain in Version 4.2.1, sowie den neuen Apple LLVM Kompilierer in Version 2.0 zur […]

New PasteBinIt Beta

To make the small PasteBinIt tool more useful on the Mac it has been extended to take full advantage of the built-in services menu in Mac OS X. You can now select text throughout the system and choose Post to from the menu. The PasteBinIt window opens with the marked text already in its […]

New Beta of Tool is Online

Finally I finished to publish the first beta release of my new tool for creating entries on Mac OS X. Although the web interface of is very neat, sometimes a special client comes in handy. In the first beta the tool can be used to post code or any text to the server […]