New PasteBinIt Beta

To make the small Paste­BinIt tool more use­ful on the Mac it has been extend­ed to take full advan­tage of the built-in ser­vices menu in Mac OS X. You can now select text through­out the sys­tem and choose Post to from the menu. The Paste­BinIt win­dow opens with the marked text already in its con­tent sec­tion and places the cur­sor in the title field. The new Paste­bin is now only one click away.

Anoth­er new fea­ture is dock tile drop sup­port. If you would like to cre­ate a paste­bin from a text file in the find­er or from the desk­top, just drop the file icon on the dock tile.

Due to prob­lems with sign­ing this update will be announced by the built-in updater, but instal­la­tion will fail due to sign­ing issues. You have to down­load this release man­u­al­ly and move it into your appli­ca­tions folder.

Thanks for test­ing, all feed­back will be appreciated


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